Kofi A. Agyarko

Kofi A. Agyarko is a career public servant with 19 years of experience successfully building compliance and monitoring programs for appliance energy efficiency and responsible management of recycling and waste. Since 2018, Mr. Agyarko has been Director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Ghana Energy Commission. He has been particularly successful in partnering with Ghanaian and African regional and national authorities, a skill that is particularly important in light of the interdisciplinary nature of refrigeration and other energy-using appliance lifecycle management. In particular, Mr. Agyarko partners with the Ghana National Ozone Unit on Montreal Protocol compliance and other matters involving the HCFC phaseout and pending HFC phase down. He is a member of the Energy Efficiency Task Force (EETF) of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) of the Montreal Protocol. Mr. Agyarko also chairs the Cool Coalition working group on used product imports to Africa and features regularly on multinational initiatives like the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Willow Aliento

For over a decade, Willow Aliento has been researching and reporting on the built environment with a focus on sustainability. The intersection of science, policy and practices throughout the supply chain, and the asset life-cycle from design/delivery to ongoing operational improvements are topics she finds particularly compelling. After many years freelancing for industry publications including AIRAH’s HVAC&R News, The Fifth Estate and Australian National Construction Review, Willow recently joined global multidisciplinary engineering and sustainability consultants, Cundall, as in-house Corporate Journalist.

Stephen O. Andersen

Dr. Stephen O. Andersen is Director of Research at IGSD. At University of California, Berkeley he participated in the 1974 assessment of super-sonic transport (SST) on stratospheric ozone. From 1986 to 2009, Dr. Andersen advanced in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to positions including Director of Strategic Climate Projects and Deputy Director of the Stratospheric Protection Division and was EPA Liaison to the Department of Defense (DoD) on climate and ozone protection. He created EPA’s first voluntary partnerships in food packaging, motor vehicle air conditioning, electronics, aerospace, fire protection and more; and he created and managed the EPA Stratospheric Ozone and Climate Protection Awards. For the Montreal Protocol, he founded and co-chaired the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) from 1988 through 2012 and for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), he was senior manager and author of reports.

Kamyla Borges Cunha

Kamyla holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the USP Law School, a master’s and a doctorate in Energy Systems Planning from the Unicamp School of Mechanical Engineering, with a research focus on Brazil’s role in international negotiations on global climate change. She was a professor in chemical engineering and environmental science courses at UNIFESP/Diadema. At iCS she worked, from 2017 to 2021, in the coordination of the Kigali Project, whose focus is to promote increased energy efficiency with the transition to lower GWP refrigerants in the air conditioning sector in Brazil. Between 2019 and 2021, she also coordinated the iCS Energy Efficiency initiative. Currently, she is dedicated to the topic of food systems as part of the Land Use and Food Systems portfolio.

Marco Buoni

Marco Buoni is an expert in refrigeration, air conditioning and capacity building, furthermore leading training activities related to certification and best practices throughout Europe. Since 2004 he’s been appointed as Technical Director of Centro Studi Galileo – CSG, the most renowned training centre in Italy for the entire HVAC/R industry; he is furthermore the Secretary General of the Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians – ATF. Since 2010 he’s been actively involved in the Air conditioning and Refrigeration European Association – AREA, first as Vice President International Affairs and, starting 2018, as President. Mr. Buoni is greatly active in awareness rising and capacity building by leading training events (i.e. courses, seminars, workshops…), international projects, conferences and much more about HVAC/R technologies worldwide, counting up to 300 events per year for over 3000 participants. Mr. Buoni is moreover a trainer on behalf of the United Nations, giving his contribution with particular focus on the progress of the RAC sector in developing countries, and collaborates with the European Commission in addressing the international sectoral policies.

Ina Colombo

Dr Ina COLOMBO-YOULA, graduated from a PhD in Engineering (Carbon Dioxide refrigeration for retail applications), a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Energy Systems, Bachelor’s Degree in Building Services Engineering from London South Bank University. She has studied also in French where is obtained a Higher Diploma in Thermal Engineering.
She has joined the IIR as the Deputy Director in 2013 and is in charge of the project management of national , regional and international funded projects. She is the secretary of the IIR working group on Cold Chain in Hot Countries and Careers in Refrigeration “CaRe”. She is an advocate of the Diversity in Engineering.

W. Stephen Comstock

W. Stephen Comstock is head of special projects for World Refrigeration Day and a communications consultant.  He has led media and training efforts in the environmental control field for more than 40 years, including as director of publishing and education for ASHRAE in which he holds Life Membership. Several joint UNEP ASHRAE eLearning modules, including Refrigerant Literacy, Sound Management of Refrigerants, and Energy Efficiency Literacy, were launched under his oversight.  He is a former journalist, holds a BA degree from Lehigh University, and studied communications at New York University. He is a former chair of the marketing committee of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives.

Didier Coulomb

Didier Coulomb was born on September 30, 1960 in Paris, France. He is a qualified engineer of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris (1982) and the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts (1984), and of the Institut des Stratégies Industrielles (1995). After internships, in particular in the Food industry, he worked for the French Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the North of France and Paris (Departmental Directorate for Agriculture and Forestry, Commissariat Général au Plan, General Department for food questions) in which he was more specifically in charge of technology and innovation (1984-1993). He then worked at the French Research Ministry, in particular as Deputy Director for innovation and technological development (1994-2002). He was then General Secretary of the CIRAD (Centre for General Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development), a French centre of research for developing countries, till 2004. Since, Didier Coulomb is the Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), an intergovernmental organisation comprising 58 Member countries and many private and corporate members. The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is a forum for scientific and technical exchange of information in all refrigeration areas and applications (food, medicine, air conditioning, transport, energy…), employing 12 people, with a worldwide network of 500 experts and dealing with:

  • Conference organisation.
  • Communications for United Nations organs and global conferences on the environment (climate change, ozone depletion) and food.
  • Publications of journals, guides, courses, informatory notes, constitution and management of databases.

Odete de Almeida

Maria Odete Magalhães de Almeida is a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Porto and a Building Physics Engineer at the University of Eindhoven. After finishing her first degree, she moved to the USA for HVACR training at Carrier University in 1997. In 1999 she co-founded Paulo Queirós de Faria – Consulting Engineers. Since 2006 is a part-time professor at the Polytechnic of Porto.
Odete de Almeida is responsible for the student activities at the Portugal Chapter of ASHRAE. She is vocal of the Regional Association of Mechanical Engineers-OERN and an expert on the Portuguese System of Energy Certification.
From 2020 to 2022 she was the President of the Federation of Ibero-American Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Associations, and from 2019 to 2021, the president of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Cold and Air Conditioning Engineers.
She is the author of a variety of articles in magazines and invited lecturer in the HVAC&R domain.

Mohamed Rida Derder

Mohamed Rida Derder is IGSD Special Counsel for the MENA region and Africa.  He is an attorney from Morocco, focusing on ozone and climate change issues. He was instrumental in the development of the Network for Environmental Compliance & Enforcement in the Maghreb (NECEMA) through the International Network for Environmental Compliance & Enforcement (INECE). He managed INECE’s participation in planning and coordinating environmental capacity-building workshops through the State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). He also serves as an advisor to the UNFCCC and Montreal Protocol for many African countries. He holds an LLM degree from The American University Washington College of Law. He is a native speaker of both Arabic and French with fluency in English.

Richard “Tad” Ferris

Richard “Tad” Ferris is Senior Counsel at IGSD. Tad has over three decades of experience working in developing countries on law and policy development, compliance, and risk management. Tad advises on fast and near-term climate action, including developing and advancing law and policy to cut short-lived climate pollutants and protect carbon sinks. Prior to joining IGSD, Tad was a law-firm partner focusing on international environmental law. Prior to his law-firm career, Tad was Asia Programme Manager at the Center for International Environmental Law. Tad advises on, for example, developing country, including China, regulatory matters, multilateral and bilateral ozone protection, climate, and waste agreements, non-profit registration, grassroots environmental campaigns, and health and safety law and policy. Tad maintains strong contacts with African and other environmentalists in the government and in the non-profit communities. Mr. Ferris is a graduate of Duke University Law School, receiving a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Laws degree in comparative and international legal studies. Mr. Ferris also holds a degree in East Asian Studies from The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Mr. Ferris speaks and reads multiple languages in addition to English, including Mandarin Chinese, French, and Japanese.

Folker Franz

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Liana Ghahramanyan

Liana Ghahramanyan has a vast experience in the ozone layer protection dealing with the Montreal Protocol and Vienna Convention for over 18 years. Being nominated as a National Ozone Focal Point from 2014, she is currently holding the position of the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia addressing all the effort to ensure timely fulfilment of commitments taken over towards the restoration of the ozone layer.

Rodolfo Gomes

Rodolfo Gomes is a mechanical engineer with a master degree in energy systems planning from State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil, with over 20-year experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy policies. Rodolfo Gomes is researcher and executive-director of the NGO International Energy Initiative in Brazil and currently the coordinator of the Kigali Network, a group of civil society organizations working to guarantee that the Kigali Amendment implementation in Brazil is done adopting energy-efficient technologies while phasing down HFCs.

Youssef Hammami

Youssef HAMMAMI, is an Engineer in Process Engineering graduated from the School of Engineers of Gabès (Tunisia) in 1994.
He obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA = Master) in Chemical Process Engineering (equivalent to the Master) in 1999.
In 1995, he joined the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment /Ministry of Environment, and held the positions of “Expert Environmental Controller”.
From 2000, he was appointed assistant to the Director of the Ozone Office, in charge of technical monitoring of industrial unit conversion projects (elimination of CFCs/CH3Br, Halons, etc.) and the Tunisia country program.
In 2005, he was appointed “Evaluator of environmental impact studies” at the same time as his position in the Ozone Office.
During 2009-2013, temporary teacher in a university establishment (chemical reactors, fluid mechanics, material transfer).
From 2013, and until now he holds the position of “Coordinator of the National Ozone Unit of Tunisia”, and National Focal Point of the Montreal Protocol and the Vienna Convention.
In 2019, it became certified in the RAC sector, Category I, according to European regulation EU 2015/2067.

Noboru Kagawa

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Patricia Kameri-Mbote

Patricia Kameri-Mbote is the Director of the Law Division, of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Previously, Patricia was Founding Research Director of the International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC), and was the Programme Director for Africa for over 20 years.  

Patricia has in-depth knowledge and experience in environmental law acquired at local, national, regional, and international levels. She has consulted for UNEP in the review of programmes, legal instruments, and the rules of engagement of major groups. She has been engaged in the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme since 2007 and is a member of the Governing Board of the International Council on Environmental Law (ICEL).  

Patricia is a member of the Senior Counsel Bar in Kenya and has been a Professor of Law at the School of Law, University of Nairobi, where she has taught for over 30 years and served as Dean. She has also taught environmental law at Kansas University, University of Zimbabwe and Stellenbosch University.  She served as chair of the Association of Environmental Law Lecturers in African Universities, and has contributed to the development of similar initiatives for North Africa and Middle East and for judges. 

Patricia holds doctorate (1999) and Masters’ (1996) degrees in law from Stanford University and a higher doctorate from the University of Nairobi (2019). She also holds a Masters’ degree from Warwick University (1989) and was awarded an honorary degree in law by the University of Oslo (UiO) in 2017.

Kelvin Kelly

Kelvin Kelly is Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration (UK), Training Director at Business Edge Ltd and Chairman of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board Training and Skills Committee.
Actively involved in Training and Certification of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Technicians for over 32 years. Particular area of expertise: Health and Safety of people and the environment.
During his time in the RACHP Industry, Mr Kelly has been involved in projects in many countries across the world, especially in the setting up of the UK F Gas Certification scheme, and will be lobbying the UK Government for mandatory certification of individuals in the safe handling of flammable and high pressure refrigerants as part of the latest F Gas Review.

Natasha Kochova

Natasha Kochova currently works as consultant with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Montreal Protocol Division, implementing HCFC phase-out and HFC phase-down project activities in a large number of developing countries.  Prior to that, Ms. Kochova was National Consultant at the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (at the National Ozone Unit and the Persistent Organic Pollutants Unit) in the Republic of North Macedonia. Ms. Kochova holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science and International Relations from the University of British Columbia (UBC, Vancouver, CAN).

Lambert Kuijpers

After having served as a co-chair of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) and the Refrigeration TOC (RTOC) under the Montreal Protocol until 2014-2016, Lambert Kuijpers currently acts as a senior advisor to the RTOC co-chairs and is actively working on the 2022 RTOC Assessment Report. After having been involved many times for UNEP/WMO Science Assessment Reports, he is a Review Editor for the Policy Relevant Messages and Scenarios chapter of the 2022 Report. Lambert Kuijpers also works as a consultant (A/gent consultancy b.v.) In that capacity, he has conducted many studies on refrigerants, refrigerant banks and emissions, on energy efficiency, energy efficiency based initiatives, and lately, much on net-zero and carbon neutrality.

Suely Machado Carvalho

Dr. Carvalho is a Physicist with a PhD from Purdue University, USA with over 35 -year experience in climate and ozone layer protection, assisting developing countries to set policies and programmes to protect the environment, while fostering market transformation to energy efficient technologies. Dr. Carvalho was director of Technology Transfer at the São Paulo State Environment Protection Agency (CETESB) in Brazil and director of the Montreal Protocol and Chemicals Unit at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York. Currently, Dr. Carvalho is a senior expert member of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, TEAP, and senior technical adviser on Montreal Protocol and related climate policies and programmes for the Kigali Network.

Carloandrea Malvicino

Carloandrea Malvicino, is Head of Stellantis Enlarged Europe CO2 Emissions Reduction Strategies dept. and representative in ACEA for CO2 and Eco Innovations. He is also the leading author of the Mobile Air Conditioning Chapter of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Technical Options Committee (RTOC) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and author of international patents and papers in different domains of the automotive technologies. He graduated in Physics in 1987 joining the Fiat Group in 1988.

Catarina Marques

Catarina is a Senior Research Fellow at London South Bank University (LSBU) with 15 years’ experience working on funded research projects in the areas of Refrigeration and District Heating and Cooling. She is the Project Manager for GreenSCIES a large consortium project on local smart energy networks that combine heat, power and mobility. Catarina has worked simultaneously in the industry and academia through an industrial CASE award PhD and two knowledge transfer partnerships between LSBU and Adande Refrigeration Ltd. She won an Innovate UK business leader of the Future award in 2015 and managed Adande’s Engineering department for 3 years leading the development of novel award-winning energy efficient products and certification to international markets. She has 6 years’ experience writing EN and ISO standards. Catarina is the President of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) Careers in Refrigeration (CaRe) working group that aims to make refrigeration more visible to the general public and inspire a young generation to join this field. She regularly organises international workshops for CaRe. Catarina is a fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), member of the IOR board of trustees and of the IOR steering group on Women in Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps.

Franziska Menten

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Karin Monaco

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Hassan Mubarak

Eng. Hasan Mubarak, Head of hazardous chemicals management Unit, the National Ozone Officer for Kingdom of Bahrain. The Chair of Executive Committee for Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in 2022. Graduated from Arabian Gulf University with High Diploma in Environmental Management, and from University of Bahrain in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Worked in Environmental Field for more than 17 years and developed one of the best Chemical Management control systems in GCC. Joint Montreal Protocol family in 2008 and supervised many projects in industrial and service sectors to implement HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP).

Vikram Murthy

Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India – with 46 years of experience in the HVAC Industry. 
Director Univac Environment Systems Private Limited, for Unitary and Applied HVAC Systems.
Partner, Tropical Air conditioning & Refrigeration; Training HVAC & R Professionals and Representation of AHRI (Air conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute) for Certification of HVAC Equipment.
Presidential Member ISHRAE, (Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air conditioning Engineers) Past President of ASHRAE Mumbai Chapter and Rotary Club of Bombay Film City.
Regional Lecturer, RAL, ASHRAE.
Member Technology Task Force, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India.

Previous Experience:
Project Manager, Voltas Ltd, Central Air conditioning Projects.
Director, Genpower Electric Pvt Ltd, Manufacturer of Air Handling Units & Electrical Control Panels.
Executive Vice President, Utility Engineers India Ltd, Central Air conditioning Projects.

Leslie Olonyi Bosire

Leslie Olonyi Bosire is an Environmental Lawyer and independent legal consultant with experience working at the international level and in Africa at the national level. Mr. Bosire’s work has involved multilateral treaties and national laws addressing climate change, waste, ozone layer protection, conservation, wildlife, and forestry, among other environmental topics. He is also experienced in general environmental law and policy formulation. He has worked in the fight against environmental crimes like illegal logging, illegal wildlife trafficking, and poaching, as well as stopping the dumping of environmentally harmful products in Africa. He is a YALI Mandela Washington Fellow and a Salzburg Cutler Law Fellow.

Emmanuel Osae-Quansah

Emmanuel Osae-Quansah completed his master’s degree programme in Chemical Engineering in 1994. He has worked at Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the past 26 years. During the period of his engagement with the EPA, Mr. Osae-Quansah worked with various EPA departments including mining and the EPA inspectorate. Mr. Osae-Quansah was appointed to coordinate Ghana’s Montreal Protocol Ozone-Depleting Substances Phase out Project in 1997 and is currently the Director in charge of Climate Change and the National Ozone Unit.

Clare Perry

Clare Perry is the Climate Campaign Leader and Senior Ocean Adviser at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). With more than 20 years working on global environmental issues, Clare is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of EIA´s climate campaign, which seeks to reduce emissions of climate pollutants, including ozone depleting substances, hydrofluorocarbons and fossil fuels. Clare has advocated ambitious environmental policies at multiple international fora (Montreal Protocol, UNFCCC, CITES, International Whaling Commission), including the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol and the EU F-Gas Regulation. Clare graduated from the University of Southampton in 1993 with a BSc in biology and subsequently gained a Masters degree in coastal zone management.

Fabio Polonara

Fabio Polonara is professor of Thermal Sciences at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy.
Since 2013 is the Italian national delegate at International Institute of Refrigeration.
Since 2015 is a member of the TEAP (Technology and Economic Assessment Panel) and co-chair of the RTOC (Refrigeration Technical Option Committee) under the Montreal Protocol.

Rajan Rajendran

Global Vice President, Environmental Sustainability – Emerson

Dr. Rajan Rajendran is the global vice president of environmental sustainability at Emerson. He has worked at Emerson since 1990 in various capacities: first as a research engineer; later as manager in the scroll compressor product development group; and as a director for 10 years prior to his current role.

Until recently, Dr. Rajendran served as the founder director of The Helix, Emerson’s research and innovation center located on the University of Dayton’s campus. He represents Emerson in its communications with various policy and industry organizations, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, among others.

Rajan is widely recognized throughout the industry as an expert on the application and regulation of refrigerants.

Dr. Rajendran earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Madras. He earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University and has an M.B.A. from Wright State University.

Federica Rizzo

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Madi Sakandé

Madi Sakandé, General Manager and Founding Member of New Cold System Srl in Bologna – Italy and New Cold System SARL in Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso, is a 48-year-old Burkinabé, specialist in the Refrigeration industry. He is an Instructor & Coordinator at Centro Studi Galileo (Italy) for the certification of technicians and companies operating in the Refrigeration sector on the European standard EC 303/2008 (F-Gas Regulation) in Italy, but also Master Trainer of the global program UNEP Refrigerant Drive License (RDL).
Member of several associations, such as the Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians (ATF), several times awarded, Best African Entrepreneur in Italy by “Africa Italy Excellence Award” (Milan – Italy) in 2013, winner of the MoneyGram Award as Best Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year in Italy (Rome – Italy) in 2016, Best Entrepreneur & Motivator Award by Diaspora Award Italy (Milan – Italy) in 2017, Best Diaspora Entrepreneur by Africa Aid (New York – USA) in 2018, Burkimbila Prize from the Burkimbila Association (Treviso – Italy) in 2018. He is a Knight of the Order of the Stallion of Burkina Faso.

Bente Tranholm-Schwarz

Since 2010 Bente Tranholm Schwarz has been deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate General for Climate Action in the European Commission. She is in charge of policy development and implementation of the EU regulations preventing emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. These polices must also safeguard that the EU remains compliant with the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. Before 2010 she worked in the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, in the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry and in the Danish Permanent Representation to the European Union where her main focus was policies fostering competitiveness and competition.  She holds two Master degrees in economics.

Coen van de Sande

Association: NVKL (Netherlands) 425 members (80% contractors, 15% wholesalers/manufacturers, 5% associated members)


  • Education: Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
  • Work: Director NVKL


  • Worked for contractors from 1987-2007 in several positions: Engineer, head of service, Project manager and Managing Director
  • Worked for the Governments Building Agency from 207-2009 (senior consultant)
  • Worked for NVKL 2009-2017 (technical manager)
  • Worked for Dutch Heating Industry (NVI) from 2016-2020 (Director)
  • Then again for NVKL from 1-1-2021 (Director)
  • Participated in AREA from 2009-2018 and then again from the end of 2020 until now in various roles:
    • Chair WG Sustainable innovation 2011-2017
    • Chair WG Standards and legislation 2011-2017
    • Board member 2014-2016 treasurer, 2016-2018 VP, 2020-2022 VP

Asbjorn Vonsild

Asbjørn Vonsild has been an independent consultant on safety standards and legal compliance in the RACHP industry since 2015. He has been the project manager for developing the IEC 60335-2-40: 2022 standard, he is the chair of the IEC SC61D technical committee and an expert member of the EN 378 and ISO 5149 safety standard working groups. As a UNEP RTOC member, he currently serves as co-lead author of the refrigerant properties, banks and emission chapter. Prior to becoming a consultant, Asbjørn Vonsild worked at Danfoss for 12 years, where he coordinated activities related to new refrigerants during 2010-15.

Sonja Wagner

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Fionnuala Walravens

Fionnuala is a Senior Climate Campaigner at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). She first joined EIA in 2007 where she developed EIA’s pioneering Chilling Facts supermarket refrigeration campaign, which supported a global shift away from HFCs towards natural refrigerants in the commercial refrigeration sector. Fionnuala is currently leading EIA’s investigations into illegal trade in HFCs, engaging both with the enforcement community and policy makers. Fionnuala is also involved in promoting pathway to net-zero cooling products and supporting EU Climate ambition through the F-Gas Regulation. After leaving school with a European Baccalaureate she studied Anthropology at University College London where she graduated with a B.Sc (hons) and has a Masters of Research in Primatology from Roehampton University, London.

Helen Walter-Terrinoni

Helen is the VP of Regulatory Affairs at The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and Global Business and Marketing Manager at DuPont. Prior to this, she worked as Fluorochemical Global Regulatory Policy Manager at Fluorochemical Global Regulatory Policy. Helen has also worked as Regulatory Affairs at The Chemours Company and Sourcing Planner at DuPont. Helen holds a Master’s Degree in chemical engineering, with a concentration in environmental engineering, from Syracuse University.

Hubert Zan

Hubert Zan is the Assistant Manager in charge of Energy Efficiency Inspection and Enforcement, a unit under the Renewable Energy, Energy and Climate Change (REEECC) Directorate of the Ghana Energy Commission. He has efficiently and effectively worked for 12 years enforcing National regulations on Energy Efficiency and environmental regulations on Phasing out CFC based and now HCFC based refrigerators and air conditioners respectively in Ghana. Hubert’s passion to see the world and Africa in particular be free of new inefficient and used obsolete appliances has made him a champion and strong advocate of energy efficiency. He is the focal person for the ECOFRIDGES GO project at the Energy Commission and also a member of the Cool Coalition working group on used product imports to Africa. He has also featured in other international forums like the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF).