Daikin Chemicals

Since our founding in 1924, we at Daikin Group, as the leading manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and fluorochemical products, have devoted ourselves with unbridled passion to contribute to higher-quality lifestyles and economic growth in the world.

Daikin Chemicals manufactures fluorochemical products such as refrigerant gases, resins, elastomers and chemicals, with over 80 years of experience in the business.


Daikin Chemicals – Positively Innovative

Leveraging our unique cutting-edge technology, Daikin Chemicals delivers innovative fluorochemical products and solutions to our partners around the world to achieve real results.

Real results

We concentrate on result-oriented contribution to our partners through close engagement and forward-looking solutions.

Innovative solutions

We understand our markets and applications. Through forward-looking marketing, we propose innovative solutions that meet our partners’needs.

Global footprint

We have global operations in technical service, sales and marketing, and customer service; as well as manufacturing bases in all the main markets (Japan, United States, Europe, China etc).

Our people

We are the inspired innovators behind our products, service and brand. We work honestly and seriously with our partners. That is our pleasure and our pride.