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  • Refrigeration for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in Africa

    Africa is a continent with great potential, including in terms of refrigeration. However, sub-Saharan Africa, similar to other areas with great development potential, faces serious difficulties. Here, 82% of workers depend on the agricultural sector, including both farming and fishing. It must also be considered that here over half of the sub-Saharan population – 600 […]

  • Cold Chain in Latin America; Progression and Challenges

    A cold chain is a continuous process of logistical and productive operations that allow the production, transport, storage, and distribution of food; medicines, and other products that need to maintain their properties at controlled temperatures. For the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a cold chain comprises the stages of pre-cooling, storage, […]

  • Pathways to Net Zero: Issues Related to Decarbonization by 2050 and the Impact on the RACHP Sector

    Table of contents ABSTRACT The introduction of the paper describes aspects related to climate change, the SDGs, sustainability, and also how the RACHP sector will be dealt with. The efforts to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero by 2050, the pros and cons of various elements, the sustainability of approaches, and the current status towards […]